Frequently Asked Questions

What is Venture Capital and it is right for me?
What are AHV’s criteria for investment in my company?
How do I apply for funding?
Why do we ask you to fill in an application form, instead of sending an email?
What is the process after I submit my application for review?
Why doesn't AHV sign Nondisclosure Agreements?
If I get invited in for a pitch, how can I prepare for it?
How can AHV add value to my business, besides funding?
Can I raise Venture Capital if all I have is an idea?
Where does the capital come from that AHV would invest?
Are investments by AHV debt or equity based?
How much equity do I have to give up for an investment?
Does AHV participate on my Board of Directors?
What is AHV’s management involvement?
What type of return is AHV looking for?
On which terms does AHV invest in my business?
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