GoMetro’s Smart Mobility Platform offers end-to-end tailored transport solutions to organisations in an emerging market context.

APR ’11

GoMetro was founded in 2011

JUN ’14

AngelHub Ventures invests in GoMetro in a seed round with 4 Decades Capital

SEP ’16

Media technology house Tritech Media invests in GoMetro

Snapplify is a comprehensive cloud-based platform for the distribution of digital content to schools, corporates and individual readers.

OCT ’11

Snapplify was founded in 2011 and launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair

OCT ’14

AngelHub Ventures invests in Snapplify in a seed round

AUG ’16

AngelHub Ventures invests in Snapplify in a Series A round with NuState Capital and Ian McFayden

GoDoChurch is a SaaS business that provides administration solutions to churches in Africa.

JAN ’12

GoDoChurch (known as GoDoData) was founded in 2012 by Andrew Hunter.

MAR ’18

AngelHub Ventures invests in GoDoChurch in a seed round

Opennetworks is a Google Premier Partner that deploys Google Cloud solutions and its G Suite extension ContactOn.

JAN ’00

Opennetworks was founded in 2000

NOV ’16

AngelHub Ventures invests in Opennetworks in a Series A round

Sudonum is a use-case based communication API and specialises in large scale call tracking, number privacy and voice calling applications.

JUN ’15

Sudonum was founded in 2015 within Mxit

DEC ’16

In 2016 Sudonum spun out and AngelHub Ventures invests in a seed round

Ikeja is a wireless network provider that uses bespoke solutions to provide internet connectivity to locations that are densely populated but underserved.

SEP ’14

Ikeja was founded in 2014

OCT ’17

AngelHub Ventures invests in Ikeja in a Series A round